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Emma 2009

Who I follow on twitter, an experiment

I made this list, originally to post on tumblr, but I don't think that would be very fun (because politics and religion), and I thought it was interesting to find out who I unfollowed as a result:

Wine and Comics - podcast (follow so I can tune in)

Apeiron Game - because I love KotOR, and am curious about this project

Robin The Web Series - because it has Stephanie Brown in it :)

Rogue Podron - because Wedge!

Rogues/Wraiths Ask - because Wedge!

Wendy Shalit - because the perspective of a non-Christian who advocates modesty is very interesting to me

Sean Kelley McKeever - because I love Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane

Andrew Klavan - because I love his podcast

Adam Warren - because I really like Empowered, and his commentary on comics

Shamus Young - because I love DM of the Rings and his complaining about Mass Effect

Marrying Mr. Darcy - because I like the game, and Jane Austen

Ross Douthat - because his columns help inform my own understanding of politics and religion

Girl Meets Writers - because I love Girl Meets World

Nellene Benhardus - because she’s one of my best friends from forever

Meredith McCarthy - because she’s my awesome sister

Emily Rankin - because of Ender’s Game, and in case there’s a Jane Austen Fight Club part 2

Stella - because comics and Stephanie Brown

Emily Burford - because of LBD and superheros

Douglas Wilson - because I like being challenged and encouraged

The Deductionist - because Elementary is my favorite show

Green Gables Fables - because this show is really cute

David Hines - because he’s one of the few rightwing deathbeasts in fandom, and really smart and funny

Gal Gadot - because Wonder Woman! (And Fast and Furious)

Abe Finley - because of the good old TheForce.Net days

Orson Scott Card - because Ender’s Shadow

Aaron Allston - in memorium of X-Wing

Abigail Nussbaum - because of really intelligent reviews

Skyboat Media - because of Ender’s Game Alive and Enchantment

Emma Wood - because I’m a rebel

Elementary Writers - because Elementary is, as stated, my favorite current show.

Aaron Johnston - because of Ender’s Game

Amy Stallings - because who doesn’t need a twitter friend who loves Jane Austen, history, and dancing?

Bethany - because Sporks are great, and LBD.