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Emma 2009

Some Silliness: "Consulting Chase: Inspired by Macavity"

“Defy the laws of gravity, my foot,”
The fiery young detective spoke
A cat so lean you might expect
His form to vanish like a speck

Brave was he, and chase he did
That cat whose misdeeds fed
The depravity of his appetites
And strove for all to smite
That awful cat, Macavity.

Though dogs are foes
And nightly grows
The legend of Macavity
Still the cat opposes
And his friend supposes
That nothing will shake
Though heaven should break
The desperate chase of Macavity

And when all is done
Fights lost and won
The cat’s name will stand
A beacon, a brand,
And who could have known that
He was Sherlock, the world’s only consulting cat!


Nicely done!
Aw, thanks! :)