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Emma 1996

In which I take an internet comedy video way too seriously

So, I was watching some videos on the internet the other day, and happened across this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6iJdimomLTQ

As a huge fan of Girl Meets World (yes, I'm 28. And male. And never watched the original Boy Meets World. So?), I was more than a bit irritated by the lousy argumentation that went on in the video.

First of all, the title is clearly lazy clickbait. Apparently, "Why Netflix Needs to Stop Listening to the Internet" is a better title than "Why nostalgia is creating a climate of silliness on TV."

Second, I have no idea what they are parodying. I've never seen a Netflix ad with a guy who looks or acts remotely like this Cracked contributor.

Third, for a video about Netflix, they spend a disproportionate time attacking a Disney Channel show. (I'm mostly just continuing point one on the lazy, terrible title here.)

Fourth, the clip they showed of Boy Meets World seemed thoughtful and interesting , instead of the crap you used for comparison.

Fifth, they raised an interesting question about the show's intended audience. But as a 28 year old man who never watched Boy Meets World as a kid, I adore the show because I think it's a great show, not for nostalgic reasons, so I have no idea what they're talking about.

Sixth, when they move on to the actual problem with Netflix they have - Fuller House - I have zero skin in this game, so I don't care. And Netflix does not make shows just for the heck of it - I'm pretty sure it's making Fuller House because similar projects are doing well.

Seventh - Originality? House of Cards? Orange is the New Black I'll grant you. And House of Cards was from...1991. What...

Eighth - Cracked is fairly loudly center-left in its political views, with many of their videos and articles talking about the need for more diversity in representation in television. Should Netflix not listen to that? On the internet?

The outro actually indicates the video is exaggerated for comic effect. But I am taking it too seriously. Because someone on the internet is wrong!