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Jane Austen's Birthday, 2012

Well, I've kind of abandoned you, Livejournal, for tumblr, something I never thought I'd do.  But the lure of Lizzie Bennet Diaries fandom and easily searchable tags to find excellent essays has trumped my hatred of ridiculous reply formats and idiotic reblogging options.  I still love Livejournal...but it's kind of dead here.

Be that as it may, it's Jane Austen's birthday.  As it happened last year, I was able to dance some Jane Austen dances at the local English Country Dancing club right around Jane Austen's birthday, which is quite appropriate.

Most of my Jane Austen love and energy is going into Lizzie Bennet Diaries posts on tumblr these days, which has mostly been on my tumblr (, but I still adore the novels and film adaptations.  And we shall see what happens when LBD are finished!  Perhaps I'll come back, perhaps this shall become an archive for especially careful posts.

Googling Jane Austen on her birthday reveals that CBS is developing a Sense and Sensibility television show, and Jennifer Love Hewitt is develooping a show called "Darcy's Town."  Which...the book is about Elizabeth, you of the true strengths of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries (  Oh, movie and television producers, never stop trying to ruin Jane Austen.  It always brings out the best Jane Austen Hipster in me.

I don't have a ton of original thoughts today, but I thought I'd provide a list of posts I've made about Jane Austen that I think are especially noteworthy:

1) Jane Austen and politics:

A repost of a comment series I made about Jane Austen and the presidential election - it's not the best thing I've written, but I think it shows my feelings about Austen and trying to fit her to modern politics.

2) The BBC Costume Drama Television Trajectory:

A rather long post about the directions and trends I've noticed in my 9 years as a BBC costume drama/Jane Austen film adaptation fan.  Not exclusively Jane Austen related, but it does show the distinct trajectory of that subgenre.

3) Jane Austen Trailers:

I've collected all the Jane Austen film trailers I could - today I went through and pruned the dead links and found new ones for those I could.  A fun walk down memory lane, if you have ever waited eagerly for a Jane Austen film.

4) Last year's Jane Austen Birthday post:

I'm rather especially proud of this one.  It's pretty much a reverse history of my favorite Jane Austen moments.

5) Review of Sense and Sensibility 2008:

The first time I really got involved in flogging an adaptation - I was really impressed by this series, and wanted to provide a counterbalance to a lot of the silly negative commentary on the other Jane Austen Hipster sites, which kept criticizing it for not being funny enough.

Just goes to show you: Jane Austen fandom never changes.  It's made up of equal parts squee-ing fans who lack critical distance and Jane Austen Hipsters who lack charity (I'm definitely in the latter catagory).

But it's a lovely fandom for all that.

So, Happy Birthday, Jane Austen!  It's been quite a year, and here's to the next, when your most popular novel hits 200 years old!


Happy birthday, Jane!

So, it's not just Dickens who's getting brutalized by the networks. (A CW "Great Expectations"? A CW "GREAT EXPECTATIONS"???)
Wait, what? And after we got the BBC version last year and a film version this year? Where's my Andrew Davies Dombey and Son!

Oh, no, the networks are just doing what the heck they think will give them most money for least effort. Though sometimes is somewhat pays off, as in Revenge.
Do you have a JA book rec for a newbie? Especially one who doesn't much care for romance? Though I guess that's impossible, since that seems to be a theme in all the books. Something that doesn't have 38473978274 characters that I can't keep track of? Though, again, that may be impossible! All of these classics seem to have so many characters!

I know I have to read one. She has a reputation for a reason. I feel like I'm missing out.
Pride and Prejudice is probably the best entry point - it does have a few more characters (and the main character has three names - Elizabeth, Lizzy, and Eliza), but it's definitely got the largest fun factor. Persuasion is also pretty good - fewer character, and a more emotional story - though it takes a bit more time to get going.
Groovy, thanks. Maybe this year!
Trying to be back to LJ-ing (again). Hoping (again) it'll work this time around. ;)

How have you been, I.? Would you care to send me a word when you have time?
Yay! I'm spending a huge bulk of my online time on tumblr right now, if you want to see what I'm doing, but if you're going to be back, I can work on posting once a week here.

I've been pretty good - brutally exhausted for the last month, working three jobs, but that ends next week, so I'm looking forward to that. How would you like me to send it - email, or LJ message?
I.!!! Hurrah! So, so good to hear from you. *beams* I'm going to be back and I hope I'll manage to. I feel like I'm always saying this, but well, it's worth trying again.

Three jobs, my word... fill me in on everything! Either email of LJ message would be lovely; whatever works better for you.

I'll try to have a look at your tumblr account, but to be perfectly frank, I don't get either this or twitter. *shamefaced* I feel so old.
Oh, I loathe tumblr - it just happens that the show I'm watching (The Lizzie Bennet Diaries) has an intensely active fandom there, so I kind of migrated there (getting feedback is a huge draw, even if I hate the format). I also have a twitter, but NEVER use it. My disgust for 140 characters outweighs any kind of community you can get. I don't think the kinds of relationships I would make on twitter would be that interesting. Anyhoo, my tumblr is

So good to hear from you too! I shall start composing my letter soon!
Waiting (im)patiently to hear from you. :)

Just had a look at your tumblr and wow, it'll take me a while to figure out the way it works, no kidding. ;)

Btw, have you watched Downton Abbey season 3 + Christmas special 2012?
It takes a lot of getting used to. I am furious that there's no real commenting system (I added an app that lets people leave comments, but it's not the greatest and few use it).

I watched DA season 3 and was spoiled for the special...but haven't watched it because of the spoilers. Did you see it?
No commenting system = no real interaction, at least in my book, so I completely understand.

Yes, I did, shortly after it aired in the US, but didn't want to spoil you in case you were still mid-S3.
Well, there's a reblogging system which allows for a form of conversation - more open and less direct, but you can have a good discussion. It's just much more work.

I liked it up until the thingy that happens at the end of the special. Because DUDE! THAT'S THE REASON I WATCHED THE SHOW!
Does it feel like conversation though?


*clings* Same here, SAME HERE. That's the second time my beautiful, soulmate-y OTP was brutally murdered and I just can't get over it. I stopped reading DA ff, watching vids or rewatching my DVDs. It's all spoiled, all stolen from me. Or that's how I feel about it. Especially when I compare it to how I felt about DA post-CS 2011. :/
Yeah. I don't know if I can keep watching. I'm super happy with the show ending at season 2. That was beautiful. But there's nothing season 3 really added for me (I mean, Anna and Bates were cool, but they were never my REASON for watching the show. Matthew and Mary were amazing.)
Yes, M/M... such a pairing doesn't happen often, in books or on the screen. So much the worse for ending it so soon. There have been rather vicious disputes over DS's decision to leave the show - I understand his determination to be out of DA was the only reason S3 and CS was written the way it was. Such a shame.
I understand it, but I really wish they'd either made it worth his while, or he were more committed to the show for just another couple years.

At least we'll always have last Christmas. And S2 - "Such good luck" makes my heart stop.
Well, I don't really understand his determination to leave the show which made him a household name; nor do I get his rather disparaging comments about the show, revealing how little he was emotionally invested in playing Matthew. I understand they did make everything the could think of to keep him.

There used to be a lot of moments that made my heart stop; now I can't watch any of themm, because it makes me so upset when I think what's the eventual outcome of their relationship.
Yeah, that's why I haven't watched the special.